Nollywood actor, Uche Odoputa, reveals his father has been kidnapped

nollywood actor uche odoputa reveals his father has been kidnapped
Uche Odoputa

Uche Odoputa, a Nigerian actor, has appealed for assistance following the kidnapping of his father, Kenneth Odoputa.

The Nollywood celebrity revealed in an Instagram post on Monday that his father has been held captive for two weeks.

He encouraged his colleagues and admirers to join him in praying for his father’s safe return by sharing a photo of him.

“Friends, please join me in praying for my father’s safe return from the hands of kidnappers who have held him captive for almost two weeks now,” Uche wrote on Instagram.

Following his declaration, Nollywood stars such as Mary Lazarus, Chidi Mokeme, and others flocked to social media to pray for the actor’s father’s safety.

“The Lord will bring him back in one piece,” Lazarus wrote.

“My thoughts are with you.”

“The Lord will bring him safely back and offer you and your family strength in these tough times,” Mokeme wrote.

“He will be back safely, Amen,” actress Chizzy Alichi prayed.

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