Nkabomhene of the New Juabeng Traditional Area Endorses the Idea of Speaking Local Dialect

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The chief Executive of the Mikaddo Holding Limited who doubles as Nkabomhene of the New Juabeng Traditional Area, Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo has added his voice to the campaign of using the local dialect in the country.

According to him using the local language will pave way or remove the lid to enable certain class who may find it difficult to express themselves in a key decision making.

Foreign languages has denied and crippled the capabilities of most people with the perception that they can’t speak English therefore they are not employed to pursue the career, he added.

He also said most of the parliamentarians has been muted and don’t contribute as a result of this mental slavery thinking of being laughed at.

In an interview with Homebase TV, Nana Agyekum Addo appealed to the government to implement a standing order to use the local language in the parliament.

He called on parents to engage their children with the local language at home and allow the children to learn the English at school.


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Source: Gordon Desmond Sackitey





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