Mohammed Abdul-Gafaru: The mention of your tribe can easily lead you to a torturous death

mohammed abdul gafaru the mention of your tribe can easily lead you to a torturous death

The agony of the innocent, the poor and the old remains unabated as the hopeless young and energetic men continue their iniquitous path of meting out atrocities and spillage of blood.

They are predominantly of the Abrahamic faiths, either Christians or Muslims who claim to worship (God) together in churches or Masjids, but with brazen disregard to the fifth(5th) heavenly biblical command in Exodus 20:13 which states explicitly that,… Thou shall not kill!

And with disregard to Quranic chapter (Al-Maida) 5:32 “Whosoever kill an innocent person, it shall be as if he has killed the whole of mankind…”

I dare say they haven’t come across these verses in their revered ‘sacred’ scriptures.

The question is, what reason are we fighting one another and does it worth the fight? 

Is it for tribal dominance that when immediately after my death I lose the recognition of being either a Mamprusi or a Kusasi?

Is it for the land that humans have occupied a little over 20% and when I die I’m reserved a ‘2.5 X 8’ft plot?

Is it for the chieftaincy that is reserved only for the few privileged ones (royals) to enjoy and whenever it becomes vacant the ‘royals’ will fight tooth and nail, spiritual and physical among themselves to attain the Skin/stool? The chieftaincy that when you and I (Mamprusi or Kusasi) tries getting closer, and you will be lectured as to how you are not ‘blood-related’ to ROYALS yet you are of the same tribe?

Hundreds of innocent souls have perished as a result of this trivial fight and some of whom were Teachers, Nurses, pharmacists, great businessmen and women, brilliant students who were contributing massively to the betterment of our ‘backward’ northern communities. And the gloomy aspect is the poor women, children, the aged and many others who live in destitution and their primary goal is to get a single daily meal only to have his or her life taken by an aggressive hopeless and thoughtless young man in a very gruesome manner for a very trivial reason.

One thing that is appalling is, a so-called warrior going after his kindred, a cousin killing a cousin, an uncle killing a niece, a husband killing his in-law etc. Such is common because of the intermarriages between the feuding factions.

When will these ignominious acts of violence and aggression ever end?  Why must I lose my life for the mere reason that I speak Kusaal or Mampruli even though I have never been involved in such fights and perhaps have no interest or knows nothing about the fight?

I don’t think it’s a matter of who is right and who is wrong as the devastating consequences of war knows no barrier and respects none. Both sides have endured painful losses and the trajectory mustn’t continue. Friends and brothers turning enemies must stop.

I have lost relatives in this decade-long civil war and I know how painful it is just like many others must the stern retribution of ‘slaughter and then I slaughter’ continue? Absolutely no!  The hatchet must be buried and we must secure a promising future for our children and the unborn.

Our retrogressing communities are craving development.

Oh children of Adam, hearken, every one of us will give account in the court of our lord on the day of reckoning. Let us be mindful!

Where are the Sheikhs, the Pastors, the elders, the learned? Has the youth taken over wisdom and advisory positions? These questions are begging for answers from these people.

On this note, permit me to humbly recommend to my fellow youth from both tribal divide, to let us unite and allow the few ROYALS (the privileged ones) to come out and face one another if they drag their feet at the inter-ethnic peace committee. No one must die for them and no one must bear the discomfort of curfew for them.

Shallom… Salaam.

The article was written by Mohammed Abdul-Gafaru. Contact him via 0201637479

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