Manasseh Azure Gets People Talking About His New Book

It was vibrant. It was a lively evening. The resplendent traditional drummers and enchanting tunes of Ewe Borborbor melodies of the Ashiaman-based ‘New Generation’ cultural troupe welcomed everyone.

They greeted and entertained all those who were arriving at the Christ the King Parish Hall to witness the launch of Manasseh Azure Awuni’s The Fourth John: Reign, Rejection, Rebound on Wednesday.

By the inclusion of this enrichment of cultural splendour in the programme, I know Manasseh, the investigative journalist I admire from afar, is indeed a man of culture and of national pride. No wonder he detests corruption and has always aimed to expose it in his work. How can a man turn a blind eye away from the wrong he witnesses that slowly destroys his beloved country? It breaks a heart; it breaks a strong love for a nation.

Speaking of his latest, The Fourth John: Reign, Rejection, Rebound, Manasseh said some people turned down invites to the book launch because of the title.

“I have been asked why the 4th John and not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd John.”

He explained that most of his childhood life entailed witnessing the first three Johns during their reign but for the 4th John, he was old enough and most of his reporting and investigating revolved around John Mahama, hence the title for the book.

From the three excerpts that were read to the audience by highly experienced broadcasters; Araba Koomson of JoyNews, Serwaa Amihere of GHOneTV and Selikem Acolatse-Apaloo of GBC; I can tell that the author does not seek to write about pure politics but analyses the characters that make up politics, the environments they find themselves interacting in and how these characters face issues that have the development of a country at stake.

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