Man shot dead after stabbing 2 Police officers in Kwabenya

man shot dead after stabbing 2 police officers in kwabenya
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The Kwabenya District Police Command on Friday shot to death an assailant who stabbed two police officers in the head.

According to the Police, before being shot, Hakimi had attacked three persons and threatened to kill them.

The individuals then fled to the Kwabenya Hills Valley Police Station to seek refuge, but the assailant pursued them to the station with a knife.

A Police statement said the Station officer and the Investigator, upon sensing danger, decided to protect the individuals, but the assailant then stabbed the officers multiple times in the head.

This caused the Police to shoot and kill the assailant.

The injured officers are currently receiving treatment at the Police Hospital.

The Police further warned persons fond of attacking police stations to be prepared to face the full wrath of the law.

Hakimi’s body has been deposited at the Police morgue for autopsy and preservation.