LIVESTREAMING: Inauguration of 8th Parliament

LIVESTREAMING Inauguration of 8th parliament

Parliament is now in the process of dissolving the seventh ‘7th’ parliament and inaugurating the eighth ‘8th parliament’ respectively.

Parliament’s elected representatives have taken their seats in the chamber and are ready for the ceremony.

Earlier, after the NDC MPs took the right side of the house that has historically been for the majority, there was a slight misunderstanding between the two sides.

Initially, the MPs of the NPP’s tried to get them back to the minority side, but Haruna Iddrisu and his colleagues were adamant that they were on the right side.

The NPP has 137 seats in the chamber, as things stand, while the NDC has 136 seats.

When they are sworn in, the members will elect the Speaker of Parliament, the First Deputy Speaker, and the Second Deputy Speaker to the 8th Parliament.

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