Just When Ghanaians Were Giving The COVAX Vaccine A Second Thought, …

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The World Health Organization has promised to compensate Ghana in case the COVID-19 vaccination COVAX Vaccine goes wrong and Ghanaians are unsure whether to be happy or sad about it.

Ghana became the first country to receive COVID-19 vaccines distributed by the COVAX Facility situated in India and the first shipment of the vaccines arrived at the Kotoka International Airport on 24th February. The country received 600,000 COVAX vaccinations in response to the increasing spread of the coronavirus in the country as the country’s total cases have escalated to 600,00 within the last few months.

The doubts Ghanaians have for the vaccines seemed to be dissipating because of the leadership examples the president and other public officials had set by taking their jab, but a communiqué surfacing has shot up fears again as it seems there is a possibility of negative reactions.

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Dr. Kwame Amponsa-Achiano, Program Manager for the expanded Program on Immunization told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview that Ghana will receive monetary compensation from the World Health Organization titled, “a no-fault sum” if there are serious side effects experienced by those taking the COVAX jabs.

Hormonal imbalance, genetic complications, even hallucinations can be side effects, but an ambivalence sets in when one is unsure whether the mention of compensation by the WHO is to prove strong faith in the vaccine or fellow Ghanaians should look forward to unpredictable aftermath after taking the vaccine.


Jean Aryee | Hbtvghana.com

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