JUST IN: Tears Flow As Ghanaian Student In Italy Dies Of Coronavirus

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Apparently, coronavirus has come to wipe the entire human race from the surface of the earth looking at how fast it’s taking people to their early graves.

News coming in indicates that a Ghanaian student in Italy has died of coronavirus after testing positive a few days ago.

The deceased has been identified as Kweku and according to his friend who shared the news on Twitter, he is the only child of his mother who lives in Ghana.

He tweeted; “R.I.P Kweku. For those of you out there thinking the virus don’t attack Blacks, well my friends in Italy died yesterday. I have to hold her mum here all day. Her only son died from Corona virus. It’s not easy to lose your only child abroad studying”.

The sad part is that Kweku will be buried in Italy without his mother seeing his dead body.

RIP Kweku!

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