International Bipolar Day: An Interview With Dr. Sandra Ashong

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Each year, World Bipolar Day takes place on March 30 as the day is designed to raise awareness worldwide of bipolar conditions and to work to eliminate social stigma while providing information to educate and help people understand the condition

This year, Homebase Tv has commemorated the day by having a phone interview with Dr. Sandra Ashong of Lekma hospital as she has explained what Bipolar disease is and how it manifests in its victims

Dr. Ashong explained that the disease is not madness as others see it but a case of extreme mood swings, pointing that, everyone can have mood swings where they are sometimes happy or sad but in the case of those with bipolar disease, it is abnormal

They become extremely excited over things that do not deserve that much joy and get very sad over things that should not attract that much pity. Their mood swings are so fast as they can be happy one minute and melancholic the next one.

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The doctor also disclosed that people with bipolar disorder are very hyper during the moment of the disorder and can work tirelessly

Fortunately, there is a treatment for bipolar disorder, and those diagnosed are advised to visit the hospital frequently as they take their medication seriously. Counseling too is given to people with the “extreme mood swing” disease


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