‘I will just walk into any bank drink water and leave’ – Consumers devise strategies to cope with sachet water price increment

i will just walk into any bank drink water and leave consumers devise strategies to cope with sachet water price increment scaled
Sachet water

It is said, “desperate situations call for desperate measures.” Some Ghanaians have therefore resolved to adopt desperate measures following the increase in the price of sachet water.

Prices of the commodity increased from ¢0.30p to ¢0.40p effective Friday, April 1.

According to the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP), the new price of packaged water is informed by the increasing cost of raw materials, fuel and the cedi’s depreciation.

But considering financial challenges most Ghanaians are battling with, some water consumers have devised new ways to cope with the new price of that essential commodity.

They have come up with strategies that will help them avoid the increased cost of sachet water.

“For me, the strategy will be that, I will just walk into any bank, pretend that I am coming to do a transaction, drink their water and go,” one said.

Another added, “Right now, I will stick to pipe-borne water because I cannot afford so much sachet water.”

Meanwhile, sachet water sellers have bemoaned the reduction in sales as a result of the price increase.

According to them, they always bear the brunt when NASPAWAP decides to increase their prices since consumers mostly resist the adjusted price.

“My fridge is always on. The light bill alone is a different cost all together. But when we asked consumers to pay ¢0.30, they refused so we were forced to sell it at ¢0.20. Now that they have come out with a new price, candidly speaking, it is going to be tough,” she lamented.


On Tuesday, NASPAWAP’s President, Magnus Nunoo announced another upward increment in the prices of sachet and bottled water.

Barring any hitches, a water sachet will be selling at ¢0.40, while the 500ml bottled water will be retailed at ¢2. From Friday, iced bottled water of 750ml or medium size will be sold at ¢2.50.

A bag of sachet water, 500ml by 30pcs, will be sold at ¢6 maximum from the retail trucks.

Mini shops, however, will retail the commodity at ¢8 per bag maximum. The 1.5L or large bottled water will be sold at ¢3.50.

He further cautioned that there might be slight variations in prices across the regions due to haulage to remote and distant areas.

The NASPAWAP’s President further appealed to government to review the taxes imposed on the packaged water industry to help reduce the financial burden and save the industry.

“Also consideration must be given to the significant impact of the packaged water industry on the eradication of waterborne diseases and the achievement of the SDG goals on water,” he noted.

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