I had to mention names of those who contribute to my mental distress to be free – Abena Korkor

i had to mention names of those who contribute to my mental distress to be free abena korkor
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Social media influencer and mental health ambassador, Abena Korkor, says she was advised to make public, the names of people who contribute to her mental distress.

According to her, in one of her therapeutic sessions, she was encouraged by her therapist to chart that path so she could commence her healing process and be free.

In an interview on Adom FM‘s Drive Time show Ofie Kwanso, Abena Korkor said she never wanted to disclose the identities of the persons involved, but due to her desire to get better, she had no other alternative.

“I didn’t want to mention some names and the therapist said I feel trapped, so I should mention the names and feel free.”

She explained that there are thousands of people who are going through mental health issues, but they shy away from society even to the extent of seeking professional health.

According to her, not dealing with mental health issues has a way of transforming pain physically to the body.

“There is something called body dysmorphic disorder… there are people who have psychological issues, but it transforms into physical pain. Such people need conversations… some want to divorce but due to their status, they are afraid..For me, I was always putting myself second and shielding those who had hurt me,” she told host Jerry Justice.

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