‘I had no malicious intention’ – Stephen Amoah apologises for ‘economy is like a child with sickle cell’ comment

i had no malicious intention stephen amoah apologises for economy is like a child with sickle cell comment
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The Member of Parliament for the Nhyiaeso Constituency, Dr. Stephen Amoah, has apologised for comparing the current state of the Ghanaian economy to a child diagnosed with a sickle cell disease.

While contributing to discussions on JoyNews’ Newsfile on March 26, Dr Stephen Amoah likened the state of the economy to a “child with sickle cell”.

He told host, Samson Lardy Anyenini that; “Small push then there is a crisis. NDC and NPP have been trying to use a short-term approach to solve these problems that will not work. Let’s be very honest with ourselves. It will never work.”

In reaction, Sickle Life, a non-governmental health advocacy organisation with the mission to educate the public about sickle cell disease and empower them to make informed decisions regarding the condition, described the comment as “reckless and insensitive.”

According to the organisation, such unwelcoming comments fuel the stigma associated with Sickle Cell Disease.

“While there are indeed several health and social challenges associated with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), you fell short of your mantle when you used your platform to dehumanise the brave warriors who live with SCD by comparing them to a volatile and fragile economy.”

“At a time when there is finally a great deal of national interest in SCD and the government of Ghana is making significant gains in the area of SCD-related issues, your remarks undermine this progress and, frankly, the tireless awareness efforts of organisations like ours. It also threatens to disrupt the investment we have begun to see from your fellow leaders and policymakers,” the group added.

The group, therefore, demanded that the member of the Finance Committee of Parliament retracts his comment.

In a letter dated March 31, to Sickle Life, Dr. Amoah noted that he deems the incident as unfortunate and takes full responsibility for the comment made.

According to the MP, he held no malicious intention when he made the comparison, thus apologised for the comment.

“I retract and sincerely apologize to all stakeholders i.e. NGOs, PAGs and all persons living with the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) as well as their family, friends and caregivers,” the letter added.

Dr. Amoah stated that he was not aware of the damaging effect of his comment, therefore, thanked Sickle Life for drawing his attention to the “reckless” comment.

He entreated that his retraction and apology be accepted in good faith.

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