Ridge hospital: Nurses abandon post as Chinese exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms walks in

Ridge hospital: Nurses abandon post as Chinese exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms walks in

Ridge hospital: Nurses abandon post as Chinese exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms walks in

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Staff of the Ridge Hospital in Accra, including trainee nurses from the Teshie Nurses and Midwifery Training School, Korle bu and several others have abandoned their duty posts for fear of contracting COVID-19, particularly because of a lack of protective gears.

ABC News gathers from multiple sources that several frontline workers at the Ridge hospital on Sunday, March 15, took to their heels when a Chinese patient walked into the facility, exhibiting a number of COVID-19 symptoms including coughing, sneezing and a runny nose.

The health workers abandoned their posts over the unavailability of nose masks after they ran out hours before the arrival of the said Chinese national who is said to be in isolation as of Monday morning.

The shortage of the nose masks and other gears, ABC News gathers, has resulted in the abandonment of clinicals.

“Yesterday, a Chinese man came there. He was coughing and sneezing as well as had running nose but they took his blood samples for further testing. We need protection because you cannot tell who has the virus and who does not. At the time the man reported there was a limited nose mask. Though the person attending to him had a nose mask. Persons who came with the patient, as well as others, around were unprotected,” one source said to ABC News‘ Senanu Dovlo.

A similar situation at the Mamobi Polyclinic, ABC News gathers, has left many trainee nurses also abandoning their post as of Monday morning. Another source at the Mamobi Polyclinic said to ABC News, the lack of protective clothing is the reason for the abandonment of duty posts.


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”Getting a simple hand glove is a problem. The hospital has no hand sanitizer. For face masks, you would roam the entire facility without finding any. We cannot put our lives on the line because though I am a nurse, I am scared,” she said.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Teshie Nurses and Midwifery Training School have failed to withdraw their students attached to various hospitals for reasons yet to be explained.

According to the students, the Principal of the school was supposed to address the student body before their departure to their various hospitals this[monday] morning. The principal, however, did not show up.

”We are still waiting for our Principal. There are no nose masks. Yesterday I went for clinical but there were no nose masks for staff. We searched everywhere but we did not get any. For today no one is there because we are protecting ourselves. We can’t kill ourselves,” another source told ABC News.


Source: ABCNewsgh.com

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