Ghana Muslim Mission mosques to remain closed until further notice – National Secretariat

Ghana Muslim Mission mosques to remain closed until further notice – National Secretariat

Ghana Muslim Mission mosques to remain closed until further notice – National Secretariat

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The National Secretariat of the Ghana Muslim Mission, (GMM) after extensive consultation with the National Imams Council, the National Executive Council and the National Council of Elders, has directed that all GMM mosques should remain closed until further notice.

However, an exception to the above, would be given to all mosques in our schools which should be opened for the third-year students only who have been asked to go back to school.

The School Administrations were required to ensure that all the measures enumerated in this directive relating to our Mosques are complied with.

The Secretariat said this directive including other ones were to guide their actions in their bid to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

In a release signed by Alhaji Abubakar Kwame Essuman, National Secretary, GMM and copied the Ghana News Agency, on Friday in Accra, said the GMM had come out with some directives for members regards to easing restrictions for religious bodies.

It said considering the fact that COVID-19 was likely to be in existence for some time, they needed to find ways to adjust to the ‘new normal’, saying, Islam has provided directions and guidance on such situations and they had been guided accordingly.

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“Our physical and spiritual health are both important and we must seek to achieve the right balance. Our directives are within the broader directives issued by the President, and our aim is to strive to do our best to worship our Maker under the circumstances.”

“As such, any Region, District or Branch that is able to put in place all the measures listed below should notify our National Organiser who will go through the necessary procedure to get the National Secretariat to approve for opening of the Mosque.”

It said the GMM shall form a COVID-19 Task Force both at National, Regional, District and Mosque levels immediately. All levels of GMM should take steps to disinfect all mosques within its jurisdiction immediately, while training PPE would be provided to officers who would be required to interact with others at the various Mission locations.

On the condition for ablution, the release encouraged members to do ablution at home before proceeding to the Mosque, and for those who would perform ablution at the Mosque, they must wash their hands with soap and water before ablution.

“If there are no taps at the Mosque, Veronica Buckets should be purchased for this purpose. Ablution must be performed with running water and another Veronica Bucket would be made available for this purpose, if there are no taps. “
It added that all must wash their hands with soap and water before entering the mosque if ablution was done at home and all “Buuters” or kettle and containers were banned.

However, where the above measures could not be adhered to, the place should be closed
The release, on the condition for GMM mosques said wearing of face mask would be compulsory, a recent contact with confirmed COVID-19 patient would not be permitted into the mosque, a traveller who came into the country less than 14 days shall not be permitted into the mosque.

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