Yango rewards outstanding drivers in new promotional championship

yango rewards outstanding drivers in new promotional championship scaled
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Ride-hailing service Yango Ghana is running a new promotional initiative to give drivers on the app the opportunity to grab home some guaranteed prizes this festive season.

The giveaway, dubbed, “Ghana Yango Partners Drivers Championship”, takes the form of a competition where both committed and lucky drivers are selected or nominated and awarded different prizes for their dedicated efforts.

The “Championship”, as it is simply called, was rolled out on November 29, 2021 and is expected to come to a close on December 31, 2021. It is open to all licensed Ghanaian drivers who are registered with the Yango service.

Drivers have the chance to participate or get nominated in “For the Best Drivers” and “For the Luckiest Drivers” categories.

Winners in the first category are selected weekly from a pool of eligible registered participants based on the maximum number of rides they are able to complete within the given week. All drivers with at least 10 rides per week are also entered in the “For the Luckiest Drivers” giveaway and winners are selected through an automated random selection technique.

The ultimate winners each week take home new Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphones. Other prizes include grocery bundles and gift cards. The more trips completed, the higher the chances of winning.

The promotional undertaking has already spotlighted some driving champions who have gone home smiling with giveaway prizes in hand in the first and second weeks of December.

Kwame Collins Gaah, married with 3 children, was adjudged best driver of last week’s championship. While commenting on his achievement in the competition, he said he was extremely excited and proud of himself for winning the grand prize. According to him, driving with Yango in the past two years has always presented minimal stress and he believes the ride-hailing service is on its way to soon becoming the leading giant in Ghana. He won the first place with 189 trips.

Second best driver of the week, Martey Prince Tawiah, comes from a family of 9 and simply loves to drive. He claims he can be on the road for 24 hours a day taking riders to their various destinations. Even though he is new to the Yango app, he beat other participants to place second with 177 trips.

Following Mr. Martey very closely, Philip Kwame Owusu, claimed the third-place prize with 176 completed trips. He recently graduated from the St. Mary’s Training College and has only been with Yango since September this year. The announcement and notification of his fortune caught him by surprise, he said.

The Championship is still open for eligible drivers to take their chances on winning by visiting https://yango.yandex.com/action/ghana/give_rides_win_prizes, filling out and submitting the electronic application form made available before time runs out on December 31. From there, the next step is to go online, take orders, complete rides, and keep fingers crossed.

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