“Women are to be blamed for deadbeat fathers” – Burna Boy’s alleged ex-lover, Jo Pearl (video)

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Burna Boy’s alleged ex-girlfriend, Jo Pearl has opined that it’s a woman’s fault if a man turns out to be a deadbeat father.

Jo Pearl in a video she shared on social media noted that most times men who do not take responsibility or care for their children never wanted a child in the first place.

She urged woman to stop having babies for men who are not ready to father a child. Speaking further, she stated that women who go ahead to have babies when their partners are against it, should bear the cross and not demand for child support.

According to her, women have a choice and deadbeat fathers should be questioned on if they wanted the baby or if they were just having fun.

Jo Pearl revealed that as she advised, she also won’t be having a baby for anyone who is not committed to her, doesn’t want a child and has no intentions of marrying her.

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