US-Based Cancer-related NGO woos support for cancer patients in Ghana

us based cancer related ngo woos support for cancer patients in ghana scaled
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Chief Executive Officer of US-based cancer-related NGO, Unlimited Cancer Care International, Ms Agivert Jackson, has appealed to organisations, institutions and philanthropists in the US to make concerted efforts at helping fight the disease in Ghana.

Ms Jackson said even though cancer patients in the US and the west need support, Africa is in dire need because, in Africa, it’s not just the patient who suffers from the disease, but the rippling effects transcend the patients to their relations very much too.

“I can understand that every cancer patient anywhere needs support from all, but I can also attest that patients in Africa and Ghana where am originally from, need to support the most,” she said.

Adding that “In Ghana, patients go through a lot from diagnosis, through treatment to the healing process.
“I can assure you getting the needed support after diagnosis, is such a hell back in Ghana”.

US-Based Cancer-related NGO woos support for cancer patients in Ghana

Ms Jackson made the call at the Cape Fear Hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday where she made donations to the Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation to be distributed to oncology departments of the Cape fear hospitals within the city.

The items included, quantities puzzle books, hand sanitising sprays, car disinfectants and disinfecting wipes.

“Whiles I commend state agencies, institutions, organisations, philanthropists, and the general public for their support to cancer patients so far, I call on others to emulate the shining examples shown by others so far” She said.

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She pledged the support of Unlimited Cancer Care International to the Cape Fear Foundation in future.

“This donation is just the beginning of what we intend to do as our contribution towards fighting the disease here in the US and in Africa,” she added.

“We are teaming up with other organisations to mobilise enough donations and resources to be distributed to oncology departments in the US and in Africa,” she said.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank, the Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation for its frantic efforts in seeking the needed support to help alleviate the plight of cancer patients,” She said.

Development Coordinator in charge of Community Engagement at the Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation, Kristen Sellan, who received the donations on behalf of the Foundation, expressed appreciation to Unlimited Cancer Care International for the gesture.

“We are grateful for this token. It would go a long way to help our oncology departments across the city,” she said.

Ms Sellan called for more support from well-meaning people to take after the example of Unlimited Cancer Care International.

“The Foundation is very happy and appreciative of the donations. In fact, these are items we need to support patients with cancer,” she said.

She asked Unlimited Care International to partake in the Foundation’s future activities aimed at supporting cancer patients slated for next year.

“We have many cancer-related events lined up for the next year and I would call on you to join in these carefully planned activities as we partner to support cancer patients,” she said.

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