Unavailability of space for the dead

Unavailability of space for the dead

Unavailability of space for the dead

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Homebase TV News has called on the authority to take a critical look at the unavailable space for the dead in the various cemetery across the country.

Major cemeteries in central Accra – Awudome, La and Osu – are full, according to the Metro Health Directorate of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

This report came up some years ago but nothing had been done about the situation.

According to reports, on average 320 bodies and more are buried each month in these graveyards: Awudome, Osu, and La.

Homebase TV recently monitored some places’ and realized that currently the cemeteries have no plots for fresh burials and as a result, the dead are being buried in spaces between the graves.

It was virtually impossible to acquire land for a new graveyard site in Accra and that efforts by the assembly to relocate the Osu cemetery had come to nothing. He said the assembly was also considering re-opening formerly closed sections of the city’s cemeteries in a bid to deal with the lack of space.

Homebase TV is adding its voice to the call which has been trumpeted by experts but to no avail that the time has come for the responsible authorities to act in an emergency manner to curb the looming danger in the National Capital and other places in Ghana since a stitch in time saves nine.

Source: hbtvghana.com

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