The twist & turn of the T’di missing woman: What we know so far

The twist & turn of the T’di missing woman: What we know so far

The twist & turn of the T’di missing woman: What we know so far

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The story surrounding Josephine Panyin Mensah, a woman who was purportedly missing in Takoradi and found at Axim, is quite a complicated one.

Every passing minute comes with a new twist to the story. While there is still an ongoing contest whether she was pregnant or not, here are a few things that we have established so far:

The medical doctor at the Axim Government Hospital who examined Josephine is called Jerry Abobrah. According to him, after his medical examination, Josephine was not pregnant. That, she has not delivered in the past six days (Josephine went missing for six days) That, she has not been lactating.

The Takoradi Government Hospital, where she reportedly was attending antenatal has not spoken officially. However, sources there claim they do not know the name, Josephine Panyin Mensah.  That, they will only be certain should there be an antenatal book.

Mother of Josephine, Agnes Essel confirmed the daughter has been with her for the past three weeks until the day she was allegedly kidnapped.

In that period, she has been visiting the Takoradi hospital for checkups. That, the antenatal book is with Josephine.

Josephine is currently in a stable condition and still undergoing observation at the Axim Government Hospital. The husband, brother and mother with another relative are with her at the hospital.

Police have since morning been engaging the husband, Michael Kwesi Simmons, at the Axim government hospital.

The family had wanted to take Josephine to Takoradi but they have been refused.

That the issue is now of national interest.

When the family insisted, they were told that a test has been conducted on Josephine and so they have to wait for the results before anything.

Officials at the Axim Government Hospital is currently locked up in a meeting. It is not clear whether the “marathon” meeting has anything to do with Josephine’s case.

Meanwhile, Connect Fm has obtained pictures and videos of Josephine at the 2-year birthday celebration party of the daughter of his brother, Alex Essien.

The birthday was on April 4, 2021.

Source: 3news

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