The Catalyst To Breaking The “8” Is Job Creation – The Alan Factor

The Catalyst To Breaking The "8" Is Job Creation - The Alan Factor

The Catalyst To Breaking The "8" Is Job Creation - The Alan Factor

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The issue of job creation, will be the central theme for the 2024 elections. The NPP needs a candidate that carries a “pro-people” message of job creation.

Any candidate the NPP or NDC will choose will be critically assessed on their track record especially concerning job creation.

In this write-up, we make the case for Alan Kyerematen as the right man with the right industrial strategy that can create the massive sustainable jobs that Ghanaian’s especially the youth need.

The candidate to lead the NPP to break the “8”, should be one that has a solid pro-electorate message to deal head-on with this reawakening factor that has come to the center of our political frontier.

On Tuesday, 21st September Kwadwo Mpiani, the former chief of staff during President Kufuor’s regime on the Face to Face program on Citi TV, highlighted this crucial factor of job creation for the youth.

His emphasis on job creation and why it will be the deciding factor is one that the NPP will carefully have to consider in choosing its next flag bearer.

Here came a very necessary question; ” Do you think the slogan breaking the “8″ is achievable?

The legendary political figure under President Kufuor’s regime did not hesitate in responding to that question with an emphatic “yes” answer but with a condition.

He was also very smart when asked; “Do you have an interest in who becomes the person to break the “8” ?” He gave a resounding “yes” answer to that effect.

The former Chief of Staff did not give a straightforward answer to justify his claim of who the magnificent leader will be or what he stands for that makes him/her the necessary ingredient, as far breaking the “8” is concerned.

Kwadwo Mpiani was very certain of the only thing that can make the slogan breaking the “8” a reality.
He said the only thing that will break the “8” easily is “Job creation”.

He emphasized that, if and if only the government could put mechanisms in place to curb the looming unemployment rate among the youth in the days ahead, then breaking the “8” will not only be achievable but also accomplished.

Interestingly, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen is the only political figure among his compatriots who has a solid track record and practical evidence for the massive sustainable jobs that have been created through this industrial leadership.
He stands tall, far above any of the potential Flag-bearer hopefuls when it comes to sustainable job creation.

A man whose industrial leadership and competence have produced a whopping 106 factories and counting in less than four (4) years.

Such a dynamic and results-driven leader can only be described as an excellent achiever when the critical issue of job creation is mentioned.

Let’s not forget that under President Mahama the NDC government from 2012 to 2016 couldn’t sustain one (1) factory.
Alan Kyerematen has delivered and is sustaining superbly 106 factories that will create massive jobs for Ghanaians through the upstream and downstream sides of these factories.

Hon. Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has without a doubt what it takes to break the “8” without fear or favor.

Classically, it is quite interesting to also know that mention that for the ultimate agenda of job creation Alan has delivered in less than five (5) year’s six (6) vehicle assembly plants.
These vehicle assembly plants will also create massive jobs from the factories through to the production of various car parts.

Job seekers in Ghana have a unique opportunity in the booming automotive industry.

Every move of Alan Kyerematen is pregnant with dignified jobs.
Why should we have such an antidote to the problem of the Ghanaian youth and still be galavanting in such for who to lead the party?

If JOBS is the Antidote,

If Dignified JOBS is the need of the Youth,

If creating JOBS is the bullet to kill UNEMPLOYMENT in Ghana,

If JOBS availability is the WEAPON to BREAKING THE “8”,



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