‘Stop tempering with Mafi traditional hierarchy and my authority’ – Manklalo warns illegal kingmakers

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The Manklalo of the Mafi Traditional Area, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV, has warned individuals he claims are deliberately undermining his authority as the second in command in the area.

At a press conference last Wednesday, he registered his disappointment in some individuals parading themselves as kingmakers.

According to him, the development is causing trouble and division in the traditional area and needs to be checked immediately.

Togbe Brentua Asafo IV said his administrative roles as the Manklalo has been hijacked by the said individuals and has warned that they put an immediate stop to it or have themselves blamed.

'Stop tempering with Mafi traditional hierarchy and my authority' - Manklalo warns illegal kingmakers

“Some self-styled individuals are tempering with my roles as the second in command and thereby dividing the Traditional area, a situation which is becoming too worrying to me,” Torgbui Brentua Asafo IV said.

He said the administrative functions and customs of the Mafi Traditional hierarchy is well known and accepted in the area; thus, they must be respected by all.

He noted with worry how the administration is gradually collapsing due to the unapproved activities of the said individuals.

He added that complaints made to the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and the Chieftaincy Ministry are yet to receive the necessary action.

He appealed to the relevant authorities to come to the aid of the Traditional Area to maintain peace for the development of the area.

'Stop tempering with Mafi traditional hierarchy and my authority' - Manklalo warns illegal kingmakers

The Manklalo further noted that many Chiefs have been illegally installed in the traditional area without any proper notice to him.

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In a speech read on his behalf, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV cited the installation of three Paramount Chiefs in just one community and the installation of three Paramount Chiefs in Mafi by three sub-clans (Torfi Bagbe, Torfi Kekpo and Torfi Asrogboe) as instances of the activities undermining the traditional structure of the area.

He continued that there was also an illegal elevation of some sub-chiefs to divisional status by the Military Wing Leaders.

“There is feud and disunity in some Mafi communities such as Amegakope Dadoboe, Avakpedome, Adidome, Mafi Tove, among others,” he said.

Meanwhile, Togbe Asafo IV highlighted that the operations of one queen mother, who allegedly promoted herself above chiefs, has equally brought some disrespect among chiefs since the hierarchy is being tempered with.

He asked that something urgent be done about the situation to bring a lasting solution.

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