#MerryChristmas trends on Twitter

merrychristmas trends on twitter
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Merry Christmas 1

It is December 25 and social media platform, Twitter is chirping pretty loudly due to comments coming through.

This is because, in many countries across the globe, today is Christmas Day.

Many are spreading love with their tweets. These are messages that are hopeful for a world filled with joy, financial stability and growth.

Christmas, which means “Mass on Christ’s Day or Christ-mass”, is observed as a religious, cultural, and secular celebration among billions of people.

In many of the western countries, Santa Claus, a strong old white-bearded man draped in red clothing who gives good lads gifts for not being naughty throughout the year, is very significant. He highlights the essence of giving.

But in Ghana, the day is commemorated with church services, family get-togethers, exchange of gifts, among others.

The colours; red, green and white are used to celebrate Christmas.

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