Hundreds of families use Luv and Nhyira FMs Family party to destress

hundreds of families use luv and nhyira fms family party to destress scaled
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Hundreds of families in Kumasi climaxed the Christmas and New Year festivities at the plush Rattray Park where the fun-filled Luv and Nhyira FMs Family Party in the Park took place on Monday.

The event featured games, dancing sessions and other fun activities for children and their parents.

Luv/Nhyira FM Family Party

Meant to foster family bonding, the Frytol Luv/Nhyira FMs Family Party in the Park offered patrons the opportunity to destress, make merry and make new friends.

Luv/Nhyira FM Family Party

As usual, children enjoyed most part of the package, making the best of bouncy castles, electric trains, trampoline, horse riding and magic chairs, among others.

Luv/Nhyira FM Family Party

A tour into an aeroplane grounded at the Rattray Park put the icing on the cake for many children.

Their parents were not left out as they got the opportunity to participate in a special cooking competition. They competed with other families as they enjoyed live band performances.

Wilmar Africa, producers of Frytol, in the end, showered gifts on participating families.

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