Ghana’s population is currently 30.8 million – GSS

Ghana’s population is currently 30.8 million – GSS

Ghana’s population is currently 30.8 million – GSS

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Ghana’s population is currently 30.8 million, according to the provisional results of the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) released by the Government Statistician Professor Samuel Kobina Annim on Wednesday September 22.

This is up from the 30.42 million figure as of 2019. The total population for Ghana as of the last census in 2010 was enumerated at 24,658,823.

The update was announced at a press conference in Accra.

Overall, females make up 50.7% of the population and males 49.3%, giving a national sex ratio of 97 males for every 100 females.

In all, 8,345,414 households were enumerated, with an average national household size of 3.6 persons.

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The national population density in the 2021 PHC is 129 persons per square kilometre.

Over ten million (10,661,421) structures were counted during the listing, out of which 8,547,391 (80.2%) are fully completed i.e. roofed with windows and doors fixed.

“All indicators show the census results are in line with expectations based on the benchmark values used to assess coverage of the 2021 PHC. The 2021 PHC was compared with a range of benchmark indicators for this assessment including the 2010 PHC population (+24.9% of 24,658,823), GSS 2021 mid-year population projections (-2.7% of 31,636,804), the United Nations 2021 mid-year medium variant population projections (-3.0% of 31,732,129), and the U.S. Census Bureau (-4.9%
of 32,372,889).

“For the listing as well, the numbers recorded were in line with benchmark indicators. The number of structures listed was within range (+6.1% of 10,051,915) of the expected number of structures predicted using building footprints derived from satellite imagery,” Prof Annim said.

Source: 3news

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