Former Kotoko player narrates how Cecilia Marfo’s prayers saved his life

former kotoko player narrates how cecilia marfos prayers saved his life
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Former Kotoko midfielder Jordan Opoku has disclosed how gospel musician Cecilia Marfo saved his life through prayers.

While speaking in an interview with SVTV, the retired footballer said he was down with an illness that affected his cognitive thinking, for which he was introduced to the singer for help.

Former Kotoko player narrates how Cecilia Marfo’s prayers saved his life
The former Kotoka Payer, Jordan Opoku.

After fervent prayers from the singer, he was diagnosed with being under spiritual attack, although it was not confirmed if the attack was related to his career.

He said it had to take him three days under Cecilia’s care, where she was fasting and praying and preparing herbal concoctions for him to regain sanity and strength.

“After using the herbs, I started feeling okay. She applied for some herbal medicines on me and gave me some bitter concoctions to drink”.

According to Jordan, he is currently perfectly well, adding that all credit belongs to Cecilia Marfo.

In appreciation of her efforts, the retired footballer said he took time to lead praises and worship sessions in her church.

He described her as his “godmother”.

When asked how he feels about Cecilia’s ‘Washawasay’ fame, Jordan said it [the fame] is long overdue, and he is glad Ghanaians have now caught up with her spirituality.

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