Death traps worsen at Kaneshie!

Death traps worsen at Kaneshie!

Death traps worsen at Kaneshie!

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Some major roads in Accra have developed gaping potholes at certain segments, leaving motorists and residents who use them frustrated and in danger.

The large potholes and gullies on those segments are due to the lack of repairs and human activities, with the onset of the rains worsening the situation.

The K.A. Busia Highway, commonly known as the Kaneshie-Odorkor-Mallam road, is one such major road with dangerous holes mainly found at intersections.

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One such place is the Kaneshie Market Overhead Bridge, where the death trap has persisted for months, leaving motorists and other commuters to wonder when duty bearers will fix the problem.

Other spots are the Kaneshie First Light, near Accra Academy; the Dansoman Junction (Hansonic), where there are ‘seas’ of rain-filled potholes, and the Odorkor traffic light.

The same situation exists around the Abossey Okai traffic light, near the Christ Temple of the ICGC, and the Central Mosque area, where the potholes are virtually eating up the road.

The road from Crystal TV at South Odorkor to Dansoman also has many sections riddled with cracks, with many portions of the Zongo Junction-Laterbiokoshie road developing dangerous potholes and rough surfaces.

Some sections of roads around the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, as well as the Teshie-Nungua-Tema road, officially known as the Beach Road, suffer a similar fate.

The bad spots on the Beach Road are at Olympia, Alonte Bar (Dreamland Recreational Centre, La), First Junction and Brigade.

When a team from the Daily Graphic toured the roads last Thursday, it was observed that deep potholes had developed on some portions of the roads, making the flow of vehicular traffic sticky.

Driving on those roads was quite tasking for drivers as they had to meander their way through the bad portions.

Painful ordeal

Some drivers and other road users narrated the painful ordeals they suffered each day on the road, including how their economic lives had been negatively affected.

Some of them, especially those plying the K. A. Busia Highway, the Obetsebi-Lamptey Roundabout-Korle Bu road and the Accra-Tema Beach road called on the authorities to fix the many potholes developing on portions of the infrastructure, as they posed a danger to commuters.


When the Daily Graphic contacted the Ministry of Roads and Highways on what was being done about Accra roads, the Head of Public Relations at the ministry, Dr Winnifred Nafisah Mahama, said plans were in place to repair the roads.

“I know that those roads have been programmed for routine maintenance and work will soon begin on them,” she said.

On when the repair works would begin, she said: “I know work will begin soon but I do not know the exact date.”


The June 4 edition of the Daily Graphic carried the story in which the paper drew attention to some potholes and uncovered drains on the Kaneshie-Korle Bu and the Kaneshie-Odorkor-Weija roads that posed a danger to motorists.

After a month of the publication, the very spots highlighted in the story remain unattended to, while the situation is getting worse at some spots.

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