Ghana Does Not Need 450 Parliamentarians, tell the Majority Leader
Ghana Does Not Need 450 Parliamentarians, tell the Majority Leader

Ghana Does Not Need 450 Parliamentarians, tell the Majority Leader

I will convert that building into single habitable rooms for KAYAYEI to rent for GHS20 monthly, when I win the Presidency in 2020. If they ignore common sense reasoning of the people of Ghana; the people of Ghana voted to elect them, so they cannot always have their way. They must listen to the voices of wisdom of the people that voted for them. People vote for change, to expect better living conditions, Not oppression and subjugation.

There is the contemplation confirmed by the Majority Leader of Ghana’s Parliament about the intention of the Government to construct a new Parliament Chamber with a seating capacity of 450. Reading pieces of interviews from the Majority Leader, reasons behind the idea, are centered on security and safety of the Parliamentarians. That may be a good reason, but which do not also outweigh commonsense reasoning to install modern security gadgets in all areas and entrances to the existing Chamber, that can detect and arrest those with criminal intents.

Increasing the present 275 constituencies to 450 capacity and therefore requiring a brand new Chamber, raises many questions than answers.

  1. On what basis or criteria have they decided that number 450?
  2. Over how many years do they envisage getting 450 constituencies and therefore 450 parliamentarians?
  3. Is 450 going to be a cut off point, and what reasoning determined that point?
  4. Can Parliament come out to convince the people of Ghana on how much the Nation spends on 275 Parliamentarians annually on salary, allowances, privileges and Ex Gratia? That is a figure that Parliament should obviously have on the monthly payroll and based on that figure.
  5. How much millions or billions of Ghana Cedis will the Nation have to spend on a staggering 450 number of parliamentarians?

If nobody has sat down to calculate these numbers, I have done that and the numbers are astonishing and frightening, even on only fuel cost to the National Treasury.

6. Why do we pay a graduate teacher Gh 1,000 a month and have morals to spend so much money to build a useless structure?

7.  Why are the Youth of the Country struggling without jobs, but government wants to spend over 200 Million US Dollars to build a useless structure?

8. Why can’t we pay suppliers for the school feeding program and want to spend money to build a useless structure?

9. Why are we complaining about the solvency of the National Health Insurance program and must spend 200Million US Dollars to build a useless structure?

I can go on and on asking more questions but ideally, and in simple spoken terms, no sane Leadership of any Parliament anywhere would sanction and approve of the construction of the so-called ultramodern Parliamentary Chamber, on a million list of National needs.

Mr. Osei-Kyei Mensah-Bonsu; Majority Leader’s argument trying to justify such (Adolf Hitler) decision, is very hollow and cannot sit well with any critical thinking brain. Why should people we have voted for and those appointed to serve the Country always think of their personal gains and self-aggrandizements? Of Course, the way the process is being rushed smells suspicion. Ghana is struggling through major economic crises to ignore commonsense approach to financial discipline.

For Political expediency, NDC and NPP have brainwashed the people of rural Ghana that the only way to bring development to them is to divide the Country into smaller constituencies, which is a joke and only a political ploy to serve their interest. Both sides have done that to have electoral edge over the other and it will never end, until their political grip at the Presidency, is forever dismantled.

Source: Samuel Ofori Ampofo

The writer, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, is the President of the National Crusaders Alliance (NCA) and the Local President of Ghana Leadership Union (GLU). He will Contest the 2020 Elections as an Independent Presidential Candidate. He will soon launch.

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