Amazing :Ghana Boxing Going Scientific – Moses Foh Amoaning

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Consultant to the Ghana Amateur and Professional bodies, Mr. Moses Foh Amoaning has disclosed that Ghana Boxing is going scientific, and it is time to change the face of the game from the base (juvenile) to the top.

Speaking at a meeting to bring back the love for boxing after COVID-19, he said the nation really lost dearly as the boxing fraternity was affected, however, things are getting better, and Ghana Boxing will get on its feet better.

He said Ghana Boxing is working in collaboration with the University of Health and Allied Sciences, who have initiated a programme for members of the national juvenile and youth teams.

He said as plans are advance for the return of the Bukom Fist of Fury Fight Nights, and programmes, as well as events, must be done well to attract the target audiences.

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He stressed that structures have to be built for a solid foundation and future.

According to Mr. Moses Foh Amoaning, who is the former president of the GBA, the base of the sport is the young ones, so the juvenile and youth boxers must be fully supported by government and sponsors.

Ghana Boxing Going Scientific – Moses Foh Amoaning
Ghana Boxing Going Scientific – Moses Foh Amoaning

He said the university will present research conducted some few weeks back which involves nutrition, phycology, physiotherapy, and sports science.

He informed that there are 70 young boxers comprising the national juvenile and youth teams who are being monitored and catered by the Ghana Boxing Federation (GBF).

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