Ghana and Togo start rebuilding border markers

ghana and togo start rebuilding border markers
Ghana and Togo are rebuilding their border markers to stop encroachment

Ghana and Togo have started a historic initiative to revive their fast-disappearing border markers in the face of rising insecurity and cross-border crimes in West Africa.

Experts from Ghana and Togo are expected to construct 50 new international boundary pillars along a 40km (25 miles) stretch.

Officials from Ghana say the construction of the boundary pillars has become necessary given some of them have either eroded or been removed by vandals.

The century-old markers were last repaired in the 1970s.

Authorities say the latest move is to stop border encroachment and could also help address Ghana’s longstanding maritime dispute with Togo in the Gulf of Guinea.

But some locals fear the exercise could put them on the wrong side of the border.

Some parts of the land borders between Togo and Ghana are seamless with communities from both countries mixing together for social and economic activities.

Meanwhile, there have been communal tensions too in some areas.

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