‘Ga Mantse’ Stool Father’s Suit Against Abola Piam Tunma We Royal Stool Dzaasetse Thrown Out

ga mantse stool fathers suit against abola piam tunma we royal stool dzaasetse thrown out

Stephen Adjin Tettey Nii Tetteh Ashong V Ga Mantse Stool Father
Stephen Adjin Tettey Nii Tetteh Ashong V Ga Mantse Stool Father

The Ga Traditional Council has thrown out a case brought before it by Stephen Adjin Tettey Alias Nii Tetteh Ashong, the Stool father of the ‘Ga Mantse challenging the capacity of Nii Ayi Ana Kon Teh I, Ga Abola Piam Tunma We Royal Stool Dzaasetse.

The Writ of Summons filed by Nii Tetteh Ashong at the Ga Traditional Council was also challenging the authority upon which Nii Ayittey Osu III installed Nii Ayi Ana KonTeh I as the Ga Abola Piam Tunma We Royal Stool Dzaasetse.

The Plaintiff, Nii Tetteh Ashong however was not at the court during the hearing which came off on March 17, 2022.

A Three-member panel however thrown out the case to Senidai and awarded cost of 2000 Ghana cedis against plaintiff (Nii Tetteh Ashong).

Again, an additional 2000 Ghana cedis was also awarded against the same Plaintiff for an arrears he owed the Ga Traditional Council of cost awarded against him in some past cases.

Statement Of Defence

Meanwhile, in his statement of defence in the said Suit, No GTC/JC3/21, the 1st Defendants, Nii Ayitey Osu III (A.K.A. Jonathan Teiko Quaye) Indicated that the late Nii Adote Obour II and his head of family Nii Saka Tsuru II endorsed a power of Attorney to Henry Ayi Addo (A.K.A Nii Ayi Ana Konteh I) to act as Sempe Chief due to his efforts in securing a judgment for the Late Nii Adote Obour II  to retain his capacity until his demise.

He also stated on authority and by evidence of signed documents and  by the power vested in them as a family installed Henry Nii Ayi Addo as Dzaasetse on the 10th of March, 2021, into their Royal Stool Family of the Nii Ayi Tunma II, under the Ga Abola Piam. Tunma We division.

Nii Ayitey Osu III also confirmed that Henry Nii Ayi Addo is from the third generational Royal Stool family of Charles David Addo (a.k.a Okyeame Komeitey) of the Ga Abola Tunma We Royal stool family and respectively the third generational member of the Nii Kofi Otudan I Late Chief of Abola Kpatashie great grandson maternally.

Henry Nii Ayi Addo, he also said has a direct maternal blood lineage traced from his grand-father being Nuumo Okyeame Komeitey  of the Ga Abola Piam who was a secretary to  the then Ga Mantse Tackie Oblie(A.k.a. Kweku Niri of Abola Tackie Obile We)

“I wish to state and to defend on authority at all time that the said Nii Ayi Ana Konteh I, per all official letters addressed to him and who so ever may be found to be concerned on all issues is formally addressed to in his Capacity as NII AYI ANA KONTEH I as GA ABOLA PIAM TUNMA WE ROYAL STOOL DZAASETSE OF NII AYITTEY OSU III ROYAL STOOL DYNASTY FAMILY OF ACCRA. This recognition is clearly spelt out by THE HIGHEST OFFICE OF THE GBORBU WULOMO-SHITSE OVERLORD OF THE GA DANGME STATE OF THE NUNGUA TRADITIONAL AREA in a reconciliation meeting to help resolve peace in the GA STATE. I would like to state that Nii Ayi Ana Konteh I has a rightful capacity as Dzaasetse and as per a letter dated 21st of February, 2021 on an agenda of reconciliation meeting signed by Gborbu wulomo and  copied to the personalities such as His Royal Majesty King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, Ga Mantse and Justice Julia Naa Yarley Sarkodie(Mrs). This is an indication that his capacity is not under question or contention.”

Ground Of Challenge Against Stephen Adjin Tettey

Also in his statement of defense, Nii Ayitey Osu III challeneged the capacity of Stephen Adjin Tettey  a.k.a Nii Tetteh Ashong V, pointing out that Stephen Adjin Tettey is not the legitimate Ga Paramount Stoo Sentse/Osiahene as he claims.

“I hereby say and verily believe that to be true that the said Stephen Adjin Tettey also known as Nii Tetteh Ashong V somewhere in April, 2010 during a planned installation was summon before the chief priest NAI  WULOMO  NUUMO TETE  and his elders of Nai We by NII ADU KOTOKRO in his capacity as the legitimate sentse to the Ga Paramount stool(Ga Dzaase Council) and which till the demise of Nii Adu Kotokro had not received any full trial or judgment to the substantive case against Stephen Adjin Tettey aka Nii Tetteh Ashong V. An indication that the case is still pending at Nai We.  For that matter Stephen Adjin Tettey cannot claim to the said capacity as sentse till date. The said Stephen Adjin Tetteh again was emphatic in his own affirmation statements said he was selected and installed by the Nii Teiko Tsuru Royal Ruling House as the substantive Ga Paramount Stool Sentse/Osiahene and catapult his position to be the Ga Paramount Stool Dzaase in the year 2010 but could not say under whose specific leadership as Dzaasetse or Ga Mantse. Indications that he is hiding the authority to which he claims have arrived at the Ga Traditional Council as Sentse. This is complete falsehood the same Stephen Adjin Tettey again in his affirmation stated that he arrived at the Ga Traditional Council on the 10th July, 2010 as a co-opt member, and per our records at the Ga Traditional Council we would like to know from the Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council.”

He continued to state that Stephen Adjin Tettey aka Nii Tetteh Ashong V has never since the death of Nii Adu Kotokro in his legitimate capacity as Ga Sentse being taken through any new customary rites and installation to warrant his current acclaimed capacity as Ga sentse.

He also cited the ruling of a High Court when the capacity of Stephen Adjin Tettey aka Nii Tetteh Ashog V comes under the latest contention on Suit No.GJLMISC/83/21 ruled on the 11th of November, 2021at the Kumasi Fast Track High Court presided over by His Lordship Justice Fredrick Tetteh and ordering in ruling for the restoration and reinstatement of NII TACKIE ADAMA LATSE II into the register of Chiefs at National House Of Chiefs as a legitimate GA MANTSE and citing unlawful and unjustifiable deletion or expunging of the  applicant herein being arbitrary prejudicial as being against principle of natural justice.

These and many other evidence the 1st Defendant presented to the Ga Traditional Council in respect of the case before it.

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