Funny Face loses brother

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Comedian and actor, Funny Face, has announced the passing of his brother, Clement Boateng.

In a post morning his brother, Funny Face revealed that the 39-year-old has been the life wire of their home, made jokes and ensured there was never a dull moment when he was around.

The actor stated that his brother passed while he, Funny Face, was receiving treatment at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in December, 2021.

“…you died late December before I came home. Your death has hit me soo hard. Each and every day I still can’t believe you are dead and gone. Upon all da pain and traumas am going through, your death has made it worse. Each and everyday, I wake up with a different kind of pain in my heart,” Funny Face wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram.

He revealed that his brother’s death was initially hidden from him because his family was afraid he would relapse and derail the progress he has made thus far.

Funny Face loses brother

He stated that despite the pain his brother’s death has caused him, he believes God will see him through this as well.

What keeps him going, Funny face added, is his brother’s words that centred on staying firm and strong for his family, during one of his visits to the psychiatric hospital.

“I’m left alone now brother and it hasn’t been easy without you being around. At least with you around, we joke about the things I have been through and it makes me relax and calm and know there are better days ahead,” he added.

Funny Face added “I should have been dead but through it all, if am still alive, I have to keep my head up and fight till the day God will call me home to come and rest ❤️🕊 .. Rest In Peace brother till we meet again.”