5G Deployments and the Health of Humanity

5G Deployments and the Health of Humanity

5G Deployments and the Health of Humanity

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Dear Big Brother,

I am writing to get some level of clarification from you on a matter that is giving me sleepless nights; dangers of 5G networks to life – human, other animals, and plants.

I am bothering you with this matter because it is in your area of operation; ENVIRONMENT, SCIENCE, and TECHNOLOGY.

For some time now, we have been reading and hearing people talk about the dangers of FIVE GENERATIONS NETWORKS (5G). Some of us were following the issue from afar, but in recent times, the talks have become intense and louder.

Reports tagged as unscientific and rendered as conspiracy theories have it that 5G deployment is responsible for the mass destruction of insect life; natural pollinators like bees, butterflies and the likes. Online reports from China and Australia have it that birds were falling dead in areas where 5G towers were erected. We also read that wild fires are generated by this machines; an assertion some Australian scientists made.

Scientists, legislators, business moguls with knowledge in this field are saying we should resist the deployment of these devices in our various jurisdictions and recently some are attributing the COVID-19 pandemic to this 5G deployment.

I took some time off to read into this matter and I am beginning to develop some fears. I tried to talk to some of our brethren operating in the telecommunication space so I could get their views on the matter and it looks their assertions are also consolidating my fears; 5G is detrimental to human health.

I recently chanced on an online petition being signed by people all over the world to be presented to the UK and US governments, the content herein placed for your reading. The issues raised in the petition are heart rupturing and I would like you to alley my fears:

“5g technology is detrimental to our health. 60 megahertz radiation emitting towers use all the oxygen in the atmosphere causing respiratory problems for humans. Our bodies are 85% water and the shortwave radiation increases the breakdown in our natural biology causing cancers and other serious health conditions.

No safety standards have been issued by any governments although there is ever more increasing demand by health officials to halt the erection of these tower’s and 5g usage.

Symptoms of 5g exposure include respiratory problems, flu like symptoms (temperature rises, fever, headaches) pneumonia.

Very much like the effects of the Coronavirus.”

Delroy Chin and 3 others, to the UK and US Governments and decision makers. Delroy Chin, through his organization, Change.org, rallies more than 500 million people in 196 countries to create and drive change in their communities. The Washington Post describes Change.org as the “most influential channel for activism…”

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Mr. Minister, we in Africa, and for that matter, Ghana, are mostly consumers of these technologies and no matter what happen, catastrophes emanating from their deployment will affect everybody. This is the reason I want to get your views on the 5G issue.

Masses of people and organizations in Australia, Germany; where you trained, and many other countries are rising up against the deployment of this 5G technology, saying it is DANGEROUS TO HUMAN HEALTH and it is being linked to the coronavirus pandemic. The worse part of it  is that they are saying more dangerous pandemics than covid-19 will emerge when this 5G deployment is not halted.

We are worried about this heart-punching issues and we would be glad the heart surgeon alleys our fears.

Mr. Minister, kindly educate us on this ‘more than covid-19 issue’.

By Emmanuel Tsedey 

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