17 signs a woman shows when she is no longer interested in a relationship

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Have you wondered why your girlfriend is always acting up or behaving strangely over the little things you do off-late in the journey of your relationship? 

Do you have several questions running through your head over the behavior of your girlfriend as to whether or not she has found someone else?

Homebase TV online Journalist Amos Ekow Coffie has been researching the topic and has come up with these findings.


Here are the signs a woman shows when she is no more interested in the relationship;

1. More fighting and drama / Gets angry over unnecessary things

2. She makes less time for you / Tells you she is busy all the time

3. She no longer finds him attractive

4. Communication dies

5. She rarely moved on by your antics

6. Physical intimacy dies

7. She Puts an End to Complimenting You

8. Giving and Receiving Of Attention Stops

9. Your jokes are no longer funny to her

10. Pretends sometimes not to hear what you say

11. Does not checkup like she used to

12. Pretends she is okay with everything you say

13. Always complain about the one thing you did in the past

14. Quick to conclude or make judgments

15. Always angry/ She’s bored

16. Straight forward replies / Takes longer to reply to messages 

17. Always forget about the important things she used to do

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Stay tuned as we bring you another interesting article on what to do next after finding out your girlfriend is no more interested in the relationship.

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