My Damascus experience was my thirst for knowledge about God – Majid Michel

my damascus experience was my thirst for knowledge about god majid michel
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Veteran actor, Majid Michel who is currently a Pastor says he never had a Damascus experience in the manner as was being peddled by the media.

According to him, his venture into full-blown Christian Ministry was due to a dire thirst for knowledge about the ways of God.

He explained on JoyFM’s The Reason is Jesus that it was this thirst for knowledge that changed everything for him and eventually pulled him out of the film industry.

“It was like me rediscovering and becoming newly aware of this entire thing called the Kingdom of God and God and His children. Because growing up, I was never taught certain things that I now know. And after I sought the knowledge, I got so excited I said I want to share this knowledge with my friends and with everybody,” he said.

His experience in Christian Ministry, he says, has been something entirely new to him and he’s always discovering something new about God.

“And in a bid to share this new knowledge of everything I am discovering from preachers I heard from, from reading the Bible, it was something new to me. Because you see God has depths, like depth, deep.

“You can know God intellectually just with your head, and there’s another way to know God. So I can be an apologist and argue with you about things of the Bible, I can defend the Bible, I can quote scriptures to you but I don’t know God.

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“I can blow your mind with revelations, I can tell you things that will blow your mind, that’s why Paul said I do not come to you with enticing words of man’s wisdom because I can entice you with very good vocabulary, I can entice you with very good oratory skills and explain things to you in the Bible that will make you think this guy is so spiritual but that doesn’t make me spiritual,” he said.

He added, “And so this knowledge I was seeking after, as I was receiving, it was like light…that was my Damascus, because I already knew God.”

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