Laws should be passed against doom prophecies – Shatta Wale

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Dancehall performer, Shatta Wale has said his fight is against fake prophecies in the country after his ‘fake gunshot incident’

As per him, he will be imprisoned in order for legislation to be enacted prohibiting prophets from prophesying the death of celebrities and other notable people, which he intends to accomplish.

He believes that these prophets foretell and then arrange for these deaths to occur, hence laws must be enacted to ban prophets from making doomsday predictions.

“If they lock me and later pass a law so that stupid pastor prophecies will stop in this country… I am for it. Pastor my foot mcheeeew”

Shatta Wale, a dancehall performer, was shot by unknown assailants, according to his personal assistant and Godfather’s social media account.

The story went viral on social media, but it turned out to be fake when the artist later made a statement claiming that he had not been shot.

Shatta Wale has been complaining about the Ghanaian system and how the prophet was not called to order when he issued the prophecy about him.

Source: Kumah

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