EC Boss Jean Mensah must apologize to NDC, Ghanaians

EC Boss Jean Mensah must apologize to NDC, Ghanaians

According to latest news reports, the EC registered 1.2 million new voters in the recent limited registration exercise contrary to the EC’s own targeted number of about 700,000 potential new registrants. The NDC before the exercise even began indicated that per its own analysis of the 2010 census figures and other parameters, the number of new registrants were projected to be about 1.7 million.

Sadly but not surprisingly, the belligerent EC Boss Jean Mensah and Dr Bossman Asare all refused to give listening ears to the NDC and some other minority parties like PNC etc. The NDC needs to be commended, because it’s vindicated based on its projected figures. I think Jean Mensah owe NDC an apology and Ghanaians as a whole. Secondly, this is a clear testimony of how incompetent and clueless the current EC Boss is when it comes to electoral matters in Ghana. The best thing for her to do now as the EC Boss is to swallow her pride and be willing to learn from others including the political parties reps who constitute the IPAC.

Ashanti Region recorded the highest new registered voters in just ended limited registration 2019 with over 209K, whilst Greater Accra recorded 166K, followed by Eastern Region and Central Region.


In 2012, reports in the media indicated that Ashanti Region had the highest suspected cases of multiple registration.

In January 2016, total newly registered voters with regards to limited registration in Ashanti Region stood at 200,559 out of which over 14,000 people were suspected multiple registrants, the highest in the country according to EC.

Greater Accra Region on the other hand had 162,000 newly registered voters then.

In 2019, the number of newly registered voters in Ashanti Region during the limited registration exercise increased to 209,810 compared to the 2016 figures representing an increase of 9,251 new voters, thus 4.4%.

Greater Accra had total newly registered voters stood at 166,000 representing an increase of 4000 new voters, thus 2.4%.

Let’s be reminded that in 2008 general elections, hundreds of polling stations in Ashanti Region recorded 100% or over, an extremely rare occurrence. For example, particular polling station by name TEMPORAL BOOTH in Subin Constituency recorded about 129% voter turnout. What this means in very simple terms is that, all registered voters in this particular polling station voted. The question then was, where did the extra 29% of people who voted at this polling station came from since they could not have been voters at that polling station? This was a clear of over voting which happened at many polling stations in region. Two scenarios are plausible in this example, either there was multiple voting at these polling stations or people who registered outside these polling stations went there to vote.

Thankfully under the NDC government, adequate funds and logistics were made available to EC to enable them give Ghanaians the first biometric voters ID cards if I am not mistaken.

Given the NPP’s records anytime they are in government and their usual attempts to bloat the electoral register, I wish to encourage all comrades and all well meaning Ghanaians to keep our eyes on the processes leading 2020 general elections.

Forewarned is forearmed

Baba Musah


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