Dzifa Gomashie emerges favorite Candidate to replace Fiifi Kwetey – Research

3. Teacher Joseph Nyavi
Our flawless research showed that team Nyavi continues to occupy the third position. He is the third man to beat in this contest.
His performance among delegates is not really bad. Our research found out that his team did not touch base in some zones before this survey was conducted.
In our previous research we found out that his popularity was much rooted in aflao urban. But this research has proved to team nyavi an interesting result.
We recommend that team nyavi finds a new strategy to win back the confidence and trust of aflao urban.
We also recommend that  a quick attention be paid to delegates from somey fugo, somey wego & klikor for a better performance in our next survey.
4. Carolina kudah parker
Arguably team Carolina continues to enjoy the fourth spot in our ongoing survey. Her campaign seems to be jolted by impecuniosity.
Her incipient vigour seems to have been dissipated. The team found out that her campaign machinery is on a vacation.
Her performances in some zones have proven that with the right strategy team Carolina can be a strong force to reckon with.
The team is therefore recommending that team Carolina should resume campaigning immediately especially in aflao urban, & aflao wego
We also recommend that she pays special attention to *somey fugo* which seems to favour a female candidate.
5. Nicholas Ezo Woclachie
Team Ezo has really surprised the researchers in this particular survey. In our previous research team Ezo performed dismally. Having oiled his campaign machinery, team Ezo became the fifth preferred aspirant for this competition.
Though plagued with penury, his political pronounciamento seems to percolate down with the delegates hence his surprising  resurgence.
We recommend that he sticks to this game plan.
We also recommend that he raises more resources so that he can reach all delegates before the election day is due.

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