Dzifa Gomashie emerges favorite Candidate to replace Fiifi Kwetey – Research

5. Nicholas Ezo Woclachie
Team Ezo has really surprised the researchers in this particular survey. In our previous research team Ezo performed dismally. Having oiled his campaign machinery, team Ezo became the fifth preferred aspirant for this competition.
Though plagued with penury, his political pronounciamento seems to percolate down with the delegates hence his surprising  resurgence.
We recommend that he sticks to this game plan.
We also recommend that he raises more resources so that he can reach all delegates before the election day is due.
6. Elolo Keli White, Maxwell Kwashie, Johnson Kporha, Kafui Nyasorgbor, Benedictus kwaku Amedume,Bill Godson Ocloo & Famous Kuadugah
“Faith without works is dead says the holy book.”(James 2:17)
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.(Philippines 4:13)
For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are my ways your ways as the heavens are higher than your ways so are my thoughts higher than your ways.(Isaiah 55:8-9)
The above mentioned names have not showed their mettle and resolve to win this election. As we say in local parlance, they are not on the ground.
They seems not to have any clue about the upcoming elections. Most of them are yet to meet any of the delegates. Clearly they seems to be panting for financial breathe.
Our research team found out that most delegates are oblivious of their intentions to contest.
They have no strongholds. Their campaign strategy is amorphous. They are not the favorites of the delegates.
The team is therefore recommending that they consider a self introspection. They should listen to themselves.
If at all they still believe they can fight back then we recommend an aggressive publicity and sell out of campaign manifesto.
Generally we recommend all the aspirants to start an aggressive campaign as they wait for the announcement of the opening of nominations.
We also recommend that due to the vast nature of the constituency, aspirants should embark on a fundraising activities for a successful campaign.

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