Dzifa Gomashie emerges favorite Candidate to replace Fiifi Kwetey – Research

1. Mama  Dzifa Abla Gomashie
The research showed that she is the woman to beat in this contest. She has maintained her popularity among the general public and the delegates. However she has failed to win a commanding trust and popularity among the delegates. Foga is lurking around to snatch victory from her which she must be weary off.
Her visions and aspirations for the job must offer hope for the electorates. Complacency at this stage will be calamitous.
Foga & Teacher Nyavi can’t be glossed over. A continues contact and sell of manifestos to the delegates can help maintain the slim margin she is currently enjoying now.
We also recommend that  mama exploits the sentiments and wish of the delegates of somey fugo which is that they favour a female candidate to a male candidate.
She must also be enamored about the not too impressive performance in aflao wego which is arguably her “weakhold”
2. Foga Nukunu
Our research team found out that he is the second man to beat in this contest. He has showed mettle and rigours in this contest. The man of the youth. Strong palisade awaits him in aflao urban & aflao wego .
His mantra of *homeboy* seems to be resonating with a significant number of youths in the constituency. Though his campaign strategy is devoid of opulence, we recommend he shows his resourcefulness.
Somey Fugo, Somey Wego & Klikor continue to be so mountainous for him to climb as showed in the general public survey. This result has shown a similar pattern.
We are therefore recommending that team foga finds a lethal campaign strategy to win over delegates from these zones.
Team foga must also be punctilious about the threats emanating from team Nyavi.

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