Dzifa Gomashie emerges favorite Candidate to replace Fiifi Kwetey – Research

1. Mama  Dzifa Abla Gomachie
From our research hon. Gomashie had 76% popularity rate to establish herself as the most popular and favourite of the delegates. Our previous work has indeed established a positive correlation between the general public and the delegates or branch executives. She is very popular in four of the zones but  has failed to totally win the hearts of *AFLAO WEGO*
We have also observed that *SOMEY FUGO* is yearning for a female MP, hence the good performance of MAMA GOMASHIE in the Zone.
2. Foga Nukunu
The findings revealed that foga is the biggest threat to Mama Gomashie in this race. Having had  the second highest rate of popularity test in the fist survey, foga continues to put up good showings among delegates.
From the results he obtained 69% to be the second most popular aspirant among the delegates. Hugely popular among the delegates of Aflao WEGO. But he has not shown that mettle in somey fugo
3. Teacher Joseph NYAVI
The research shows that Teacher Nyavi has firmly showed that he is indeed a third force in this parliamentary race. Having obtained the same position in the previous survey, he seems to be fairly popular among the delegates. His performance among the delegates has shown an improvement from the previous research.
He is fairly popular in aflao wego & aflao urban* but not very popular in somey fugo
His popularity rate from the research is 57%.
4. Carolina Kudah Parker
Our research shows that Carolina had 47% popularity rate. Again she seems to be the fourth most popular aspirant in this competition. Her performance in *Somey Fugo & Somey Wego* Makes her a strong force to reckon with.
However her performance in *aflao urban & aflao wego* is not too impressive.
5. Nicholas Ezo Woclachie
From the research Nicholas had 29% popularity rate test in our survey. This performance is a much improved than the previous research.
His resurgence from recumbency has really bear fruits. He has visited a lot of branches during our survey hence his fantabulous performance.
Good showings among the delegates in *somey wego & klikor* showed that he is gaining grounds ahead of nominations and filings.
6. Elolo KELI White, Maxwell Kwashie, Johnson Kporha, Kafui Nyasorgbor, Benedictus Kwaku Amedume, Bill Godson Ocloo, & Famous  Kwadugah
The performances of the aforementioned names seem not to be very  impressive. Our research showed that some of them are yet to visit delegates in their branches.
Their performances have revealed their unpopularity among the delegates. This  happens to cut across the general feelings among the general public. Their performances in the previous research seems to be the same as the later one.

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