Don’t marry a lady who is used to the good things of life from birth – Woman tells men

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A Facebook user, Elsie Awatt Edung, has advised men to go for ladies that fall within their class instead of going for ones way above them.

She suggested that a man must not go for a lady who’s used to a comfortable life and expect that after marriage, she should adjust to a less-comfortable lifestyle because of his financial affordability.

Read her full message below:

“Don’t marry a lady who is used to the good things of life from birth e.g care, good clothes, rich meals, cozy environment and force her to adjust to a certain lifestyle after the wedding because your salary cannot afford those things. You fail am bros!

Women deserve to be happy, successful and cared for.

If you can’t afford the lifestyle she is used to, simply marry the one that has never tasted or experienced those things that makes life easier, enjoyable and interesting. You’ll have a great life together.

Stop banking on the future, let it come to you.”


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D Woman tells men

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