Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

So your smartphone / Phone is effectively an MP3 player, portable gaming console, TV and netbook all in one small package. No wonder it needs a ton of energy to power up its battery. What can we do to make it last? Certainly not charge it all night long.

It’s a basic thing. You watch your phone fully charged in the morning, so it’ll last through the entire day away from the comfort of your home.

People Mostly Ask the Following Questions;

  • Is it OK to charge a phone overnight?
  • Is it bad to charge your iPhone overnight?
  • Is it bad to charge your phone multiple times a day?
  • Can charging your phone overnight cause a fire?

While you’re asleep, you are advised to leave your phone unplugged during the night. The worst fear here is that your phone will charge fully and charge down while you sleep and won’t see the dawn of a new day to wake you up like you’re used to. Frankly, it sounds like a horror story to me, but still, you can’t go against the word of science.

Leaving your smartphone on a charger is bad for it. It’s bad for the battery’s lifespan. Most modern devices use lithium-based batteries, even though they’re rechargeable by nature and made with this process in mind. They’re highly vulnerable to constant interactions with high voltage electricity like in the outlets of your house.

Just imagine if you’re leaving your phone on a charger overnight every night for a year, it’ll spend more than three months total in contact with raw electricity. This amount of stress on a battery will inevitable. You’d be lucky if your smartphone lasted for a little over a year in this case.

Thankfully, it’s not all that bad because manufacturers know about this issue and try their best to avoid the damage. For example, there are automatic switches on your phone that will stop the charging process the very moment it reaches 100%. It seems like that would solve the whole problem but it’s not that easy.

You see, when your phone naturally goes down to 99% the charging will start all over again. Your phone goes from 99% to 100% charged and back many times during. Just one night and these two can degrade the battery. Another thing you might take notice of is your phone charger.

I know they seem to be simple tiny plastic gimmicks to convert energy from an outlet to a USB. But if you pay close attention to a tech shop, you’ll notice some of them cost a bit more than others. Good high-quality chargers have special chips in them that prevent overcharging.

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