Dont Blame Ghanaians - Rev. David Asamoah
Dont Blame Ghanaians - Rev. David Asamoah


Rev. David Asamoah, The Pastor of Sureword Baptist Church in an interview with RSM Kofi Doe Lawson on Homebase Tv’s Eboboba Morning Show said that, leadership is all about change.

Rev. David Asamoah affirmed that leaders need to improve on the way they govern but he doesn’t blame us because even in school we are not taught about leadership but management; so even if someone is a leader, he has a management mindset.

In his own words, he uttered that, management is all about taking care of something. Some leaders only do what they are told to do but a good leader doesn’t wait for any initiative from someone before doing what he has at heart and makes sure there is an improvement.

Every good leader brings about change so wherever you see yourself, try as much as possible to be creative, capable, inventive in order to make a change, he advised.

A right leader has visions and knows what he is about. He takes very good care of his people and is always vigilant.

Every country wants change and its up to the leader to make that change come into reality.

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