Dika D/A Wants Habitable Classroom Blocks

Dika D/A Wants Habitable Classroom Blocks

Pupils of Dika D/A Primary School in the Kadjebi District of the Volta Region struggle for decent classrooms as they are crowded in dilapidated mud rooms and bamboo pavilions for teaching and learning.

The community is near Kadjebi Ahamasu, and members are predominantly from the Basire tribe with some Ewes. Access routes to the community are deplorable and not motorable.

But the huge population there who are mostly farmers produce cocoa, plantain, yam, and maize that contributes to the country’s food basket.

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The youthful population which forms the majority fall within the school going age. But the deplorable state of their school discourage many parents from enrolling their children.

Although school was not in section when Citi News visited the area, parents and pupils in the community spoke about their ordeal.

They said due to inadequate furniture, pupils are compelled to bring kitchen stools to the classrooms.

They said they they’re mostly overcrowded in the classrooms and sometimes resort to learning in the open field in front of the classrooms.

The situation exposes them to unfavorable weather conditions and reptile invasions.

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The situation according to parents discourage them from enrolling their children in the school.

Previously, the school also lacked safe and hygienic latrines and potable water. But through the intervention of World Vision, a Non-Governmental Organization whose aim is to improve the lives of children in rural communities, the school now has a decent latrine and a borehole that feeds the entire community.

The community is therefore calling on government and other stakeholders to come to their aide by providing safe and supportive learning environment for pupils.

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