COVID-19: If you call 112 more than three times your number will be blocked – Gov’t warns prank callers

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COVID-19: If you call 112 more than three times your number will be blocked – Gov’t warns prank callers

Government has issued a warning to the general public to desist from calling the country’s emergency lines without good reasoning to do so.

This it says denies others in critical need of such services from getting the needed attention required.

To this extent, the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has disclosed that a decision has been taken to block all phone numbers that prank call the emergency service numbers, particularly, the Ambulance Service number, 112, more than three times.

This, the Minister admitted, will deny them essential service should they need it thus urged the public to observe all protocols with regards to calling those lines to ensure they do not find themselves wanting.

“We are in the midst of a national challenge, this is not the time to be making prank calls to ask “does it work?” “na me fre atesti line no” no! Indeed if you see the data on the prank call, it far outweighs those who are calling and they will call for a period and it is not being looked at. We pray you to drop those ones. Now we have started blocking numbers. When you call more than three times, without any substantive submissions, you will be blocked. What it means is that in the real day of emergency, your number cannot get through.”

He revealed that more personnel are being brought in to handle calls and other services of the ambulance service to help them deal with the situation at hand.


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As a strategy, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah mentioned that government hopes to keep the health facilities less busy and decongested to minimise risk of spreading the virus and overwhelming the doctors.

Referencing the situation in Italy and other countries that have recorded high numbers, the Information Minister asserted, “We don’t want people flooding the hospitals. If you study the examples of Italy and other places when in the initial sector they were not clear and people were flooding the hospitals then they compromised the health sector as well. We have to protect our frontline workers as well.”

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah thus entreated persons who may develop signs of the virus or other illnesses to call 112 for prompt attention.

“Call 112 but free up the lines if you do not have any serious business on it. Call 112 so that they can attend to you” he emphasised.

Ghana has recorded 153 cases, though, in the last 24 hours or more, there have been no recorded cases in the country.

So far, 5 persons have died and 2 others recovered.

Government has instituted several measures it believes are proactive enough to halt the spread of the virus and keep the situation under control.

These include imposing a 2-week lockdown on Accra, Kasoa and Kumasi, the two hardest-hit cities. In addition, there has been a ban on public gatherings, closure of educational institutions and intensified education on prevention and other health and safety protocols to observe.

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