COVID-19: Christians in Hohoe intercede for end of the pandemic

Christians in Hohoe intercede for end of the pandemic

Christians in Hohoe have dedicated the first day of congregational worship to intercessory prayers for the end of the COVID-19 following the easing of restrictions.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on May 31, 2020, eased restrictions on religious activities with religious bodies asked not to have more than 100 worshippers in a maximum of an hour fellowship with strict adherence to precautionary measures to curb the spread of the disease.

Roman Catholic Churches, the Great Commission Church, Church of Pentecost, the Perez Chapel, and the International Central Gospel Church remained closed while the Church of Christ, Baptist International Church and the House of Mercy Churches were opened to worshippers who prayed fervently for God to take away the virus.

Mr. Innocent Lemboe, an Elder of the House of Mercy Church told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the church, which had less than 100 congregants, had put in place all precautionary measures as directed by government and said they came to intercede for the end of the pandemic.

He said the church had moved its members to the open instead of the church auditorium, ensuring adequate ventilation and maintaining the maximum distances with all worshippers in nose masks.

Mr. Lemboe said apart from praying for the nation, the leadership used the day to encourage worshippers to comply with all directives towards ending the spread of the virus.

At the Baptist International Church and the Church of Christ, less than 50 worshippers gathered to pray for the country against the spread of COVID-19 with the enforcement of safety protocols.

The GNA was told the Baptist International Church stratified attendance of church among the suburbs and age groups.

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Reverend Simon C. Addae, Hohoe District Pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Church said the church continued its online service and also the use of Public Address systems to reach out to congregants as the chapels remained closed.

He said the church was inadequately prepared to enable members resumed for worship since membership was above 1,000 worshippers and would be difficult to enforce the 100 worshippers per service directive.

Apostle Dr. Ernest N. Adulai, Senior Pastor of the Revival Assemblies of God Church who engaged congregants through a radio broadcast said the church had advanced plans to acquire all necessary items before opening for worshippers.

Madam Christine Adibo, a member of the Lord’s Pentecostal Church said she was ready to go to church when they were asked to because online services were not effective like congregational ones.