Chief Biney ‘Curses’ whoever will lead the Renaming of Uni. of Ghana

Deputy National Organizer of the opposition NDC, Chief Biney Hamilton Nixon has blatantly said anyone who changes the name of University of Ghana to a different name will be punished by God.

He asserted that the renaming is not necessary for now as there are so many pressing issues which need to be addressed therefore God will punish anyone who changes the name of the premier university.

In an interview on D)t) k3se3 ase Kase3 on Homebase TV, he said ”there are so many people who have contributed to the development of Ghana and it doesn’t mean they should all be named after the already named institutions”.

President Akufo-Addo since assumption of office has renamed several institutions which did not sit down well with some Ghanaians such as The Flagstaff House, The University of Professional Studies, University of Development Studies amongst others.

Not long after these renaming that a deputy minister of information, Enam Hadzide revealed that it will be possible the University of Ghana will be renamed to J. B Danquah, a revelation some Ghanaians are bitterly against.

However, Chief Biney in his submission said it is not prudent to act this way thus whoever changes the name will incur the wrath of God.


Source: Araba Aggrey/

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