Cape Coast Marks 65th Independence Celebration In Splendour

cape coast marks 65th independence celebration in splendour

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The beautiful display of the uniqueness of the Ghanaian culture and tradition is at its height in the historic city of Cape Coast as the nation gather for the 65th Independence Day celebration on Sunday.

The celebration is on the theme: “Working together bouncing back better.”

It is a splendorous show of prestige and grandeur as various statesmen, political stalwarts, Diplomatic Corps, security agencies and patriotic citizens, smartly dressed in Ghanaian colours thronged the citadel of education in Ghana.It is a seeming competitive exhibition of beauty, culture and patriotism as scores wore various designs of the national colours; tight-fitted jeans and T-shirts with caps and shoe to match.

Even some toddlers, who accompanied their parents were not left out as they confidently moved around, reflecting the present and future of the country.

From the drumming and dancing to the pre-celebration rituals, clothing and wonderful culture and eloquence revealed the incredible cultural diversity and uniqueness among Ghanaians.

The colourful display, reinforced the country’s acclaimed accolade as the ‘land of unique African tradition, freedom and justice’ as thousands of enthusiastic Ghanaians cheered in appreciation for the wonderful displays.

The richly cherished kente cloth and national colours dominated the fashion scenes from the young to the old, the rich and the poor, Ghanaians and none Ghanaians.

This buttresses the country’s global recognition of kente cloth as a fabric of repute as beautifully decorated horses paraded the venue with the riders engaging in displays to the admiration of onlookers.

Other dignitaries are more elaborate with their choice, opting for the more colourful yarns and designs that reflect the mood.

Many dignitaries, including chiefs, have also been spotted in different colours of kente designs.

Some school children and students are also seen cladded in the traditional costume ‘dansenkran’ and complemented it with beads.

The venue is draped in the national colours from the main entrance to the stadium and immediate surroundings painted to beautify the area.

The pillars, vantage locations, trees, electricity poles, vehicles and roadside furniture are a sight to behold.

The principal streets of the Cape Coast Metropolis as well as the Takoradi-Accra Highway have not been spared of the national colours.

There is an unusual quietness in many parts of the ancient Metropolis as few vehicles plied the roads.

The busy Abura highway and Kotokuraba business enclave, streets, pavements, and other adjoining trading centres appeared deserted with many stores closed.The Ghana News Agency observed that the usual busy streets and pavements were neat and the nuisance created by recalcitrant traders and drivers, which resulted in insanitary conditions and heavy traffic congestion, had abated.

Excitingly, the majority of the people had thronged the Stadium to join the celebration as historic places such the Castle, London Bridge and Bakaano roundabout glow with lots of entertainment.

The week-long celebration began with the 28th February Christiansburg Crossroad Shooting Incident in Accra and subsequent Muslim prayers on Friday around the country.

Earlier, there were major clean-up exercise held across the Metropolis as part of the programme and climaxed today with a parade by schoolchildren, the security services and other identifiable groups.

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