Bakers in Kumasi to increase price of bread from ₵6 to ₵8

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Prices of bread are expected to increase on the market as bakers complain of hikes in cost of ingredients.

They say the prices of flour and sugar have increased astronomically, hence the intended increment.

Some members of the Bakers Association say the increment is necessary to keep them in business.

The bakers say the price of a loaf of bread will go up from  ₵6 to  ₵8 from 2nd April.

Desmond Obeng, a baker, says ingredients such as margarine, egg and salt have seen prices shoot up on the market.

The bakers fear any delay in increasing their products will collapse their businesses.

“The price of flour used to be GH₵250, but it’s now GH₵305. Just this morning, I heard the flour has increased again to GH₵340. The price of sugar, milk and eggs have also shot up,” he said.

Meanwhile, some bread retailers complain of low sales when prices are increased.

They say the recent fuel hike is already kicking them out of business and are, therefore, calling for the government’s intervention.

The bread retailers fear being pushed out of business without the government’s intervention.

Some bread consumers are worried over the new price increases.

A concerned consumer indicated that “if they’re increasing the prices, they should ensure it matches with the nutritional benefits and taste”.

Another added “I eat bread with almost every soup or stew. I am really worried about the new prices”.

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