Attack on Chief of Staff Unfortunate – A Tale of a Thousand Diabolical Tails

Attack on Chief of Staff Unfortunate – A Tale of a Thousand Diabolical Tails

The issue of auctioned vehicles has always been the burden of governments past, as it is of the present. It is rather distasteful, though, that the Chief of Staff would be accused falsely of what she is totally innocent of. Why must one make noise and empty threats in a manner that suggests insolence and raw rebellion just because a decision to be given a post is revoked for one reason or the other? Haranguing uselessly in such rude manner is a form of filibuster that adds to the nuisance of people who want to take control of things without accountability.

“Auction vehicles” cannot be shared like toffee to wanting children glad to be around people in Power. I am not happy with the moods of some people that burden the government, when better things are being done for the nation, and much more in the pipeline coming up to make Ghana great again. For instance, if I should speak about my issues in public, and the gross backstabbing that I experienced, my elder sister, Hajia Fati, would feel shy that she is actually trying to make a case where there are no grounds for one!

In order not to give His Excellency any headaches, I opted out and threw my weight behind him so that he would achieve what he promised to; a better Ghana! That is how it is done! Just let go and assist in the agenda we all campaigned for. Nana Akufo-Addo has turned out to be the best President Ghana has ever had so far, and that is the solace I find in the campaign for which I dedicated my life since the unfashionable ascent of the scandalous NDC in 2009.

I advise my sister, Hajia Fati, to tone down her unwarranted anger over unnecessary issues. It seems to me that she is gawking at frivolous things when the path of honour is actually in the cumulative achievements that our government is chalking as a result of having astute people in Power, primarily the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, and many Ministers of State and some heads of institutions who are impeccable achievers in their respective fields.

Besides, if the Auditor-General is threatening to surcharge officials of the GRA for failing to account for some one thousand vehicles between 2015 and 2017, what has that got to do with the Chief of Staff? Was the NPP in Power at that time? Some of the fallouts of NDC’s misbehaviour and misappropriations trickled down into 2017 when our party, the NPP, took Power. So Hajia Fati cannot lay any blame on anyone. She should direct her anger at the NDC and no one else! “Auction vehicles” are not for distribution to family and friends by anybody, especially not by Madam Akosua Frema Opare. Did Hajia complain when she was given a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser and a chauffeur? Not at all. She must desist from sore acts as making noise to have what she wants. We should not make politics seem as if it is for personal gains. We should emulate the President’s selflessness in making Ghana the best place to be. Thus far, it has become the best place to be in Africa! His Excellency is focused on delivering on his mandate and we should all be supportive to the maximum!

Hajia Fati, if I were you, I’d focus on more fruitful things like being the role model to all those who see you as such. And yes, you are a role model, truly. You have a sweet heart and a lovely spirit, but you need to understand that you can never feel what it is like to be a Chief of Staff because you will need much more than being loud to understand the dynamics. Besides, education is key to any attempt to comprehend what Power is. Being wild is a recipe for disaster and that is hurting you. Governance is about clairvoyance, and an ability to toggle the myriad problems at one time. Being ubiquitous, for example, is an attribute of ALLAH, which no man or woman can achieve, but being in government, you must try something as humanly possible to being so. These are the dynamics, so can you compare to the Honourable Chief of Staff? I don’t think so!

The Chief of Staff, Madam Akosua Frema Osei Opare, has not the time to have a decent meal a day let alone call Hajia Fati for a leisure discussion. Even her children cannot reach her when she is at the office unless they make a physical appearance or maybe at home when they have the rare opportunity to be with her. So why all the loud attacks? Hajia is one of over 15 million NPP persons in Ghana, and the world cannot stop because she feels aggrieved. That is why there is a Council of Elders to go to.

Haba, Hajia, samu hankuri! Mu duka na tshikin zaafi, ba ki kade ba, amma muna tanye babanmu President Akufo-Addo. Akwei gobe, kin gyi!!!

By Fadi Dabbousi

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